Katie & Matt: A Traditional Wedding in Millburg, MI

A three-block distance was the only thing that kept childhood sweethearts Katie and Matt apart. They first met in kindergarten and attended the same schools until high school graduation, but it wasn’t until that summer when they finally started dating. The Bride Katie Jeter, 28, media director The Groom Matt Cibula, 28, mortgage broker The Date August 23 One Friday night after work, ten years later, Katie arrived home to her apartment to find Matt down on one knee. Although the couple lived in Chicago when they began planning, they’d spent a ton of time in Millburg and thought the Blue Dress Barn was the perfect place for the wedding: It was close to the city, easy for their guests to access and had the laid-back, no-suits-required vibe they were after. They spent their days scrounging up various antiques from local stores to get the look for their rustic reception.