Kirstin & Barry: An Outdoor Wedding in Greensboro, GA

When Kirstin and Barry began planning their wedding, they made most decisions together -- which left the bride pleasantly surprised. Kirstin and Barry met at work and became engaged on New Year’s Eve when Barry proposed at a romantic Italian restaurant. The Bride Kirstin Olsen, 36, regional account manager The Groom Barry Elliott, 44, district manager The Date October 7 The two chose to wed near Atlanta both because it was easy to get to for out-of-towners and also because they wanted to include a nautical theme to represent where each grew up -- near the water. “My husband had opinions about things I never dreamed he would care about,” Kirstin says, “but I felt lucky that he wanted to be involved.” All of their planning culminated in an outdoor wedding at scenic Reynolds Plantation.