Ladybug Details Filled This Mauve-Hued Private Estate Wedding in Dallas, Texas

Magazine clippings inspired the backyard wedding Daniela Acosta (30 and a business owner) and Megan Lane (34 and an administrator) planned to celebrat

Magazine clippings inspired the backyard wedding Daniela Acosta (30 and a business owner) and Megan Lane (34 and an administrator) planned to celebrate their nine-year relationship. “We found a floral centerpiece we loved in a magazine and went from there,” says the couple. With that specific aesthetic as the foundation for their big day, Megan and Daniela got to work designing and DIYing the rest of their event. “We wanted the style to feel elegant, refined and appropriate for a garden wedding, without being fussy.” Since they couldn’t find the perfect black farm tables they envisioned, Megan and her dad built two for the dinner party-esque occasion. Furthermore, when the stationer the couple originally hired fell through, Daniela’s sister saved the day and designed all of their paper.

Megan and Daniela threaded a ladybug motif throughout the nuptials as a way to honor those not present at the event. “My grandmother always said ladybugs were good luck,” Megan explains. “And when our dog Olive passed, we asked her to come back as a ladybug.” Daniela’s mom gave the couple ladybug pins in remembrance of Olive. As for the rest of the decor,  “the florals were chic and refined with a hint of whimsy.” The arrangements included ranunculus, roses and sweet peas. Additionally, “we wrote handwritten notes to each guest that we placed at their table setting,” says Megan. “We wanted to make sure they knew how grateful we were that they were in our lives. Especially as a gay couple, the support of family and friends has been the greatest blessing for us.” 

“It was important to both of us that the wedding honored the intimate promise we were choosing to make to each other, and we did not want to include elements simply because they were typical,” says the couple. In addition to including a ladybug motif as an ode to their late dog Olive, the couple also included “our sweet new puppy, Georgie (named for the restaurant that catered),” in the day. "Our wedding planner gave us great advice that some people enjoy having a private moment during the wedding. So we had a first look in front of the house with Georgie, our new pup."

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