Lakefront Wedding in Lake Lanier Islands, GA

Heidi was looking forward to a great summer vacation in 2003, but a relationship wasn’t on the itinerary. And, like Heidi, Beau jokes that the last thing he was looking for was love. But fate (and a mutual friend) intervened and brought them together right before Heidi left for a two-week trip to Germany. “All I could think about the entire time I was away was Beau,” she says. The Bride Heidi Rauch, 27, attorney The Groom Beau Billington, 29, account manager The Date September 6 One evening, during dinner with her family, Heidi predicted that Beau would be calling her. “The next thing I knew, the phone rang and it was him!” she says. They dated for five-and-a-half years before getting engaged. After getting her parents’ blessing, Beau proposed to Heidi on Valentine’s Day. He handed Heidi a sweet card, nearly bringing her to tears. When she got to the end, it instructed her to flip the card over and she read “Will you marry me?”