Lani & Matt: An Outdoor Wedding in Palestine, TX

Lani Lowe, a 24-year-old public relations rep, and Matt Caffey, a 24-year-old English teacher, didn’t just vow to stay together through sickness and health -- that’s how they met! The Bride Lani Lowe The Groom Matt Caffey The Date March 19 Their first run-in came when a cold-stricken Lani rallied a few friends to escort her to the college health center to see a doctor. The receptionist who checked them in was a friend who introduced the group to his coworker, Matt. Through her stuffiness, Lani remembers Matt clearly: “His eyes looked an amazing bright blue -- adorable.” About six months later, the two acquaintances became more after a volunteer shift at their church. A group dinner turned into a twosome when they got chocolate milkshakes and stayed up giggling until 4 a.m. “We were so ridiculously comfortable around one another that we both knew there was something there.” Ten short months later, Matt proposed near a lake at a summer camp where Lani worked. “All our friends had gone to bed already,” says Lani. “I saw one stranger on the path back to camp, and I hugged her, screeching, ‘I just got engaged!’”