Laura & Brady: A Traditional Wedding in Ann Arbor, MI

Laura Nussel and Brady West met at a party while attending the University of Michigan. “Brady thought I had a beautiful smile,” Laura explains, “but we didn’t have much of a chance to talk that night.” Shortly after, though, Laura had a holiday get-together and made sure Brady was invited -- that time they had plenty of time to talk, and Brady got Laura’s phone number. The Bride Laura Nussel, 25, advertising The Groom Brady West, 27, statistician The Date October 14 After almost three-and-a-half years of dating, Laura arrived at Brady’s door for a visit and found a rose attached to the knocker, followed by a candlelit path of roses leading to a nervous Brady who was waiting to propose. “The request was accompanied by a beautiful ring that I had always wanted, and I replied with ‘of course!’” says Laura. A ballroom wedding in October, awash with warm autumnal colors, followed the romantic proposal fifteen months later.