Laura & Jerome: A Classic Wedding in Dallas, TX

Laura has always loved the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. So when she opened the Sunday newspaper one weekend in 1999 to see that the venerable jeweler had introduced a new setting, the Lucida (its first in 114 years), Laura was sure to show the page to her boyfriend of five years, Jerome Watts. It was a not-so-subtle hint, but somehow Laura was still surprised when, on a trip to France (where Jerome grew up), he steered her to the dramatic Place de la Concorde near the Louvre, fell to one knee, and produced the telltale blue box. Says Laura, I was completely freaking out. THE BRIDE Laura Saenz THE GROOM Jerome Watts THE DATE April 27 The two first bonded at a work-related chili cook-off. Jerome had broken his right arm, says Laura, who fanned the flames of romance by holding his hamburger and drink. When it came time to plan their wedding, the woman who loves Audrey Hepburn movies and who got engaged during a romantic Paris drizzle was thinking of a wedding as classic and lovely as her romantic history with Jerome. We wanted a wedding that was simple and elegant, says Laura.