Laura-Lee & Erik: An Outdoor Wedding in San Marino, CA

After eight years of dating, Laura-Lee had stopped wondering when her boyfriend Erik would propose. The two met in college and spent a considerable amount of time dating long-distance before Laura-Lee moved to Los Angeles and Erik eventually followed. Finally living in the same city, the timing was right for a surprise proposal. The Bride Laura-Lee Rosenberg, 27, special events manager The Groom Erik Hartung, 29, wine salesman The Date September 3 “Every year, Laura-Lee throws a Christmas party for friends, and I timed my proposal for the day of,” explains Erik. “Unfortunately, the smooth proposal I’d envisioned didn’t quite go as expected.” As a nervous Erik dropped to his knees, his hands shook so badly that the ring popped out of the box and onto the floor! Quick to recover, he scooped up the ring and placed it in her hand. Eight-and-a-half-months later, they celebrated at a reception overlooking the San Gabriel Valley.