Lauren & Jeff: A Modern Wedding in Farmington Hills, MI

Lauren and Jeff met when Lauren began a summer internship at Jeff’s company. Everything stayed professional until the last day of Lauren’s internship when she and Jeff decided to grab dinner as friends. They hit it off immediately, and their first official date was spent getting to know each other at Metro Beach and then enjoying a romantic dinner at The Beach Grill in St. Clair Shores. When Lauren returned to Central Michigan University to finish her last two years of college, they began a long-distance relationship. The Bride Lauren Wesley, 25, advertising account executive The Groom Jeff Menna, 30, market manager The Date June 9 After three years of dating, Jeff planned a long weekend in San Francisco. On the second night there he took Lauren to Fifth Floor at Hotel Palomar for a nine-course dinner. When dessert arrived, Lauren looked down at her plate and written in chocolate sauce was “Lauren, will you marry me?”