Lauren & Travis: An Outdoor Wedding in Blue Ridge, GA

Lauren and Travis set out planning a huge celebration, but quickly realized their hearts weren't in it. Instead, they created an intimate weekend wedding where their friends and family could relax and enjoy themselves. THE BRIDE Lauren Rogers, 23 executive for a nonprofit organization THE GROOM Travis Turner, 24, a master's student of divinity at Oral Roberts University THE DATE October 10 Travis nearly let the love of his life slip away. While working on his undergraduate degree in Florida, he attended a production of Broadway Review and was immediately taken by a member of the cast, Lauren. Though Lauren was a year younger, Travis asked another cast member to introduce them. The friend's reply? A not-so-gentle You two wouldn't be right together -- you have opposite personalities. He didn't press his luck that night, but a few years after graduation, Travis received a second chance. Lauren had taken a summer internship in his hometown of Naples, Florida, and a mutual friend introduced them. He didn't realize she was the girl from the play until Lauren showed him a family photo from her wallet -- a photo that had been taken the night he first laid eyes on her. He realized that I was the girl who slipped through his fingers years earlier, Lauren remembers. He has made sure that never will happen again!