Laurie & Anil: An Interfaith Wedding in Malibu, CA

When Anil Dewan first met Laurie Hoye at a friend’s holiday party, he was immediately interested. Anil asked his friend to set him up with Laurie, but there was a misunderstanding and their paths didn’t cross again until a year later at the same holiday party. This time, Anil’s friend pulled through and set them up, and the pair fell for each other. The Bride Laurie Hoye, 33, market researcher The Groom Anil Dewan, 42, new media director The Date September 29 After dating for a year-and-a-half, Anil planned a surprise proposal for Laurie on her birthday. Laurie happily said yes and the pair set out to plan an interfaith wedding incorporating Laurie’s Jewish faith and Anil’s Hindu beliefs. The result was a Malibu celebration bursting with red and orange accents and organic, personalized touches.