Leigh & Keith: A Traditional Wedding in Dallas, TX

Leigh and Keith both were students at Texas A&M University -- Commerce. When Keith first saw Leigh, they were in the cafeteria. He asked a friend who she was and he told him that she was seeing someone. Strike one. The Bride Kathryn (Leigh) Gable, 27, national account manager The Groom Keith Geiman, 25, leasing agent The Date February 9 The following spring, they both showed up to the same party, where Leigh saw Keith sitting on a couch with friends. Leigh remembers thinking he was one of most attractive men she had ever seen, so she made her move and introduced herself. Unfortunately, her plan backfired and she spent most of the night talking to Keith's friend. Strike two. A few days later though, Keith asked another friend to play matchmaker and soon he had her phone number. They eventually made plans to get together on Saturday night. Luckily, the third time was a charm. Exactly six years later, after a heartfelt proposal in the Bahamas, they were married at sunset in downtown Dallas.