Lia & Mark: A Destination Wedding in Jackson Hole, WY

Lia met Mark at Stanford University when she was trying to set up his roommate with her roommate. The following year, they were neighbors and started dating when Mark asked Lia to Spring Formal. After many long conversations through their windows, the pair made it official only a few weeks before Lia graduated. The Bride Lia Ramirez, 30, university program director The Groom Mark Siebert, 29, financial management associate The Date August 8 After dating for six years, the couple found a place together in San Francisco. A few weeks before Christmas, Mark told Lia to reserve the weekend of April 26th. Lia was suspicious that he might have a proposal planned when he refused to give her any details, but then on Christmas Mark revealed that he had signed both of them up for the Big Sur International Marathon, a 10.5-mile trek in California’s Bay Area. With the race preparation to distract her, Lia was completely surprised when Mark proposed the night before the race on their hotel balcony. The couple decided to wed in a destination wedding at Diamond Cross Ranch in Jackson Hole after they couldn’t find a place in San Francisco that fit the outdoorsy, ski-town vibe they wanted.