Linda & Michael: A Traditional Wedding in Rochester, MI

Michael had been working at a company for about six months when he noticed a new girl around the office -- Linda. A few months later, they ran into each other at a bar and got to talking. They soon became lunch buddies, and eventually became a couple. The Bride Linda Quadrini, 29, mechanical engineer The Groom Michael Pedrosi, 28, certified public account The Date September 20 Linda loves trying new restaurants, so when Michael told her he had a business dinner at Rugby Grille at the Townsend Hotel, she was so excited that she looked up the menu online and decided what to order! Even though it was drizzling when they arrived, Michael parked far away from the hotel so that they could walk through a park on their way. In the middle of the park, Michael knelt and proposed. Linda said yes and was surprised to find a limo waiting to take them to another restaurant, where both their families were waiting to celebrate.