Lisa & Thomas: A Traditional Wedding in Santa Monica, CA

When Lisa and Thomas met at a mutual friend's birthday party, they both felt an instant spark. It wasn't until later that evening that the spark caught on fire, literally. By the end of the night Thomas had set his shirt on fire by a votive candle while we were talking, remembers Lisa. He had also stolen my heart. On their first official date Lisa tried to heat things up some more by making a home-cooked dinner for Thomas. They ended up making the meal together, and, as it turned out, he was a much better cook then she! The Bride Lisa Lawler, 32, account supervisor The Groom Thomas Jackson IV, 31, investment manager The Date November 19 It was three years later when Lisa walked into their apartment to find that Thomas had filled the entire house with white lilies. The couple's bed was covered in rose petals with a ring box placed in the center. After Thomas asked Lisa to marry him, the two chose to go out and celebrate their engagement with dinner and champagne. Fifteen months later, they were married in a Spanish-style church.