Lisa & Will: A Ruby Red and Mango Wedding in Atlanta, GA

Lisa Clay and William Mount III were friends long before they began dating. They first met as part of a marathon-training group. Lisa was looking for a massage therapist, and a mutual friend introduced her to Will who just happens to be one! Lisa started going to him regularly for massages, and the two sometimes trained together, but it was four years before they discovered there was definitely a deeper connection, Lisa remembers. The Bride Lisa Clay, 38, biotech sales rep The Groom William Mount III, 39, massage therapist The Date June 9 While the couple were on a trip to Hawaii to run in the Honolulu marathon, Will planned a proposal -- or tried to, at least, as his plans kept getting spoiled. Finally, Will actually got down on one knee in our hotel room to propose! Lisa says. I, of course, was thrilled -- who needs a sunrise or a waterfall when I was getting a great man like him? They soon began planning a fun, festive wedding celebration in an Atlanta art gallery.