Lora & Franklin: A Modern Loft Wedding in Los Angeles, CA

It took Lora and Franklin 12 years to get married. They met and dated throughout college at Northwestern University, but after Lora graduated, she moved to Los Angeles while Franklin stayed in Chicago for medical school. They dated long-distance for six years until Franklin moved to LA. A year later, he finally popped the question. The Bride Lora Antigua, 31, in advertising The Groom Franklin Banzali, 33, anesthesiologist The Date August 2 Franklin proposed the week after he took his medical boards. Lora had taken the week off and they had decided to go to the Griffith Park Observatory. After a picture-taking session on the roof with the Hollywood sign in the background, Lora was itching to leave, but Franklin insisted on taking one more picture. With Lora rushing him, he set the timer on his camera, ran back to Lora, got down on one knee and proposed just as the camera snapped and captured Lora’s shocked expression.