A Romantic Winter Wedding at The Liberty House Restaurant in Jersey City, New Jersey

Bevin Stella (31 and a senior marketing manager at The Knot) and  Matt Wheeler (33 and cofounder of SportsRecruits) met through mutual friends.  The couple used dark jewel tones and earthy elements including figs and berries to bring a luxe, wintry vibe to their nuptials. Bevin’s friend designed the invitation suite using burgundy watercolor and illustrations of New York City landmarks.The ceremony took place just as the sun set behind the Manhattan skyline in the distance, so the couple used candles to illuminate the space in the twilight. “By the end, the room was dark, and the candlelight took over,” Bevin says. “We loved how romantic it looked.”“My wedding dress was not what I expected it to be,” Bevin says. “I thought I’d pick something with lace or beading, but I ended up with silk and fitted.”