Maggie & Chris: A Traditional Wedding in Winston-Salem, NC

The first time Maggie went out with Chris, she needed a chaperone -- and rightly so: Maggie met Chris on a weekend visit to NC State while she was still in high school. At Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, Chris was little brother to Maggie's (real) older brother, Archer. That weekend, the two attended a college football game together, accompanied by Maggie's brother and her parents, and it was here that she developed a crush. That crush turned into love when she arrived at the university for her freshman year, and it wasn't long before Chris asked her to dinner at Southend Brewery -- alone this time! The Bride Martha Ann (Maggie) Butler, 25, first grade teacher The Groom Christopher (Chris) Craven, 27, sales representative The Date December 31 After college, Maggie was preparing her classroom for her first year of teaching when she found Chris hiding behind a bookshelf. He stood up and scared me so badly! she remembers -- but he also got down on one knee and proposed. And little did Maggie know, she was under the watchful eye of her parents once again: After she said yes, both of their moms and dads walked into the room after videotaping the entire moment! Having waited long enough, the two decided on a short engagement and planned a winter wedding in just four short months.