Maggie & Jake: An Intimate Wedding in New York, NY

Sometimes, when two people meet online, it takes a few dates to realize how they feel about each other; but this wasn’t so for Maggie Moon and Jake Vander Linden. “I knew from our very first date that I would marry him,” remembers Maggie, who, despite this self-assurance, was still thoroughly surprised when Jake proposed at an outdoor cafe in Istanbul a few months later. The Bride Maggie Moon, 31, educational consultant The Groom Jake Vander Linden, 32, advertising executive The Date August 31 Maggie and Jake gave themselves just five months to plan their wedding, so location was key. At first, they were inspired by Jake’s proposal and started looking at Turkish restaurants, but then they decided on Cendrillion, a Filipino restaurant -- an even more appropriate choice since the couple was moving to Asia shortly after their wedding. With the spot picked, Maggie and Jake’s wedding style and small guest list easily fell into place.