Maggie & JP: A Traditional Wedding in Dallas, TX

Dramatic towering centerpieces and a chic color scheme of pink, silver, black, and white, wowed guests at this May wedding. The Bride Margaret (Maggie) Haddad, 25, grad student The Groom John Paul (JP) Beitler, 27, real estate broker The Date May 28 Margaret (Maggie) Haddad and John Paul (JP) Beitler learned a lot during their years at Southern Methodist University in Dallas -- including the power of instant, true love. Maggie first saw a picture of JP in her friend’s room and immediately asked to be introduced, which happened a month later. The two had lots in common and stayed up until 6 a.m. bonding over everything from art to history and politics. In fact, JP called his father the next day and informed him that he’d found the woman he was going to marry. Nearly five years later, JP proposed during an Easter visit to Maggie’s family’s home.