Maranda & Jordan: A Casual Wedding in Lynden, WA

Maranda made quite a first impression on Jordan. The first time they met, Jordan was working at a restaurant; when Maranda walked in the door, he spilled water all over his pants. At least that's what he says, Maranda says. Wearing drier pants, Jordan was officially introduced to Maranda by a mutual friend who was in art school with her. The two hit it off one night when techie Jordan came over to fix her computer. They stayed up chatting until 6 a.m. and, Maranda says, it's been great ever since! The Bride Maranda Maberry The Groom Jordan Ekdahl The Date September 25 After almost ten years of dating, Maranda and Jordan decided to return to the site of their first kiss -- Kerry Park -- to celebrate Jordan's birthday. So the couple drove their 1963 Volvo up Queen Anne Hill to the park, where Jordan popped the trunk and took out a dozen roses. He presented them to Maranda (I wondered why he was giving me roses on his birthday, she says), touched his knee to the ground, and proposed.