Margaret & Erich: A Modern Wedding in Dallas, TX

It was the interview of a lifetime for Margaret Ochoa, who was scheduled to meet with an executive from a Dallas company while in school for her MBA. In a twist of fate, the executive cancelled at the last minute and a replacement was called in. Enter Erich Kirk, who reluctantly helped out his friend by agreeing to do the interview at the last minute. The Bride Margaret Ochoa, 28, senior marketing manager The Groom Erich Kirk, 38, senior director at an advertising agency The Date February 16 Although he unexcitedly walked outside to meet Margaret, his mood changed the second he caught sight of her. Almost instantly, he thought to himself, “I’m going to marry her.” The two had lunch at a nearby restaurant as Erich asked the usual interview questions and then transitioned into regular conversation. Margaret was offered the internship, and on her first day of work, Erich nonchalantly walked up to her desk and asked her to hang out with him and his friends. After that, it was a summer full of lunches and going out after work. A year later the couple moved in together, and a year after that, Erich proposed on the second anniversary of what they joke was their “first date”—the first time they had lunch together! For their wedding, Margaret and Erich agreed on a blue and red theme to go with their indie-meets-modern Dallas wedding.