Mary & Ryan: A Destination Wedding in Tacoma, WA

The first time Mary and Ryan saw each other, they were in the elevator of their apartment building. Mary noticed Ryan’s ID tag and immediately realized they were also schoolmates. She was happy to know someone in her building, and six months later, Ryan took a chance and invited her to join him, as well as a few classmates, on a ski trip to Montreal. Somewhere between the drive up and the rush down the slopes, these two fell for each other. The Bride Mary Lee, 28, physician The Groom Ryan Kwok, 30, physician The Date December 30 About a year later, the couple was enjoying an evening out, when Ryan suggested a walk around the Washington, DC, monuments. As they approached the Jefferson Memorial, Mary noticed a row of luminaries with envelopes attached. She thought it strange when Ryan walked over to open one, but soon saw that it contained photos of the two of them. Each envelope was filled with mementos from their year-long relationship -- everything from ticket stubs to takeout menus. When they sat down to reminisce and take in the views, Ryan proposed.