Megan & Lance: A Home Wedding in Winlock, WA

The planning for Megan and Lance's wedding at the bride's parents' home was a joint effort on everybody's part. Their work was well rewarded with a wonderfully warm wedding celebration. THE BRIDE Megan Raubuch THE GROOM Lance Bunker THE DATE September 9 Megan and Lance met the summer they both worked for the Lewis County road crew, flagging cars and flirting in the hot sun. As the weeks passed, their flirtation gradually morphed into a romance. They dated for three years, criss-crossing the state regularly as they visited between Western Washington University, where Megan studied, and Central Washington University, where Lance attended school. When Lance finished school he joined Megan in Bellingham. One day, as they moved into a new house, Lance repeatedly urged Megan to open the boxes that held the watering cans and plant care products. He kept asking, 'Don't the plants need water?' remembers Megan, And I kept saying, 'No, no, they're fine.' Finally, to appease Lance's unprecedented concern for the health of their houseplants, Megan unpacked the box to find an engagement ring hidden inside.