Megan & Nathan: A Garden Wedding in Woodinville, WA

Citrus colors complimented Megan and Nathan's garden-party chic wedding. The Bride Megan Rowland, 27, behavioral sciences specialist The Groom Nathan Levi, 27, restaurant manager The Date August 6 When you’ve had feelings for someone for three and a half years, it’s best to make sure your first date is a memorable one. Nathan Levi says he liked Megan Rowland from the first time they met, in the beginning of their freshman year at the University of Colorado; but he didn't make a move until they were seniors. One night, when Megan and their mutual friends were out at their favorite local bar, Nathan asked her to a concert to see Weezer, his favorite band. Despite some confusion over the actual day of the concert, the two managed to make it there, and the band's music played a large part in their future wedding celebration…. But first, Nathan had to make it through the proposal. After they'd been dating for three years, he recreated one of their best dates ever with a picnic on the beach at Whidbey Island; and this time, he wasn’t going to wait too long to pop the question. As soon as they sat down, he started talking about what a great couple they were and how he wanted to share his future with her. Luckily, his bravery paid off: Megan's response was a resounding yes.