Melanie & Gavin: An Outdoor Wedding in San Luis Obispo, CA

Brangelina, meet Melvin. That's the clever moniker that friends of Melanie and Gavin came up with to refer to the college sweethearts. The couple first met at a house party, when he was sophomore and she was a freshman. They hit it off immediately. Since summer break was coming up, they held off getting together. When they returned to school that fall, they reconnected, and in December, they officially became a couple. The Bride Melanie Usas, 28, graphic designer The Groom Gavin Crabb, 29, financial services The Date September 6 Nearly seven years later, while driving home from L.A. (where they were living at the time) for Memorial Day weekend, one of their car mates (who was in on a secret proposal) lied and said he needed to swing by their old school, (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo) for a professor's signature. Even though that was unlikely considering they'd graduated years before, they obliged by stopping by campus. While taking in the gorgeous scenery in front of Melanie's old dorm, Gavin got down and proposed. They went out for tri-tip—thin-sliced steak—sandwiches at their old hangout, Firestone Grill, located in downtown San Luis Obispo, to celebrate!