Melissa & Brant: A Chic City Celebration in New York, NY

Melissa and Brant mixed traditional and modern wedding elemanets with a color palette of ivory and green for their eclectic celebration. The Bride Melissa Litwack, 25, child-life specialist The Groom Brant Goldsmith, 28, school administrator The Date May 29 It seems that Melissa can’t take a hint. Six years ago she was working at a school for students with special needs when a coworker, Brant, asked her to a movie with him. She didn’t like the movie he suggested so she declined -- not realizing he was asking her out on a date. But Brant wasn’t so easily dissuaded, and after consulting a few friends he decided to give it another shot. “I asked again, this time leaving no room for questions,” says Brant. “To this day, I still have to be very clear so that Melissa doesn’t misunderstand what I’m hinting at!” Years later, when it was Melissa who was dropping hints about wanting to get engaged, Brant told her he wanted to live together first. Three hours after they moved in together, Brant took Melissa for a walk through Gramercy Park, and said, “I think it’s been long enough -- will you marry me?” Melissa shrugged him off, saying “We’ll deal with that later.” Only after he pulled out a ring did Melissa realize he was being completely serious.