Melissa & Brian: An Outdoor Wedding in Vienna, VA

Melissa and Brian first met as undergrads at Union College when her sorority and his fraternity co-sponsored a youth olympiad. “It was one of those instant connections, where something completely indescribable happens and takes hold of you,” Melissa says. Though the school year was almost over, Melissa didn’t forget about Brian -- and after reconnecting on their first day back at school, the two became inseparable. The Bride Melissa Cistoldi, 26, consultant The Groom Brian Terlinsky, 28, attorney The Date September 17 Almost five years later, Brian surprised Melissa with a proposal on Valentine’s Day -- the one day when she wouldn’t suspect that a romantic gesture had an ulterior motive! Brian woke her with a bouquet and a giant fortune cookie. The fortune read, “Melissa, be my valentine forever. Will you marry me?”