Melissa & Ivo: A Modern Wedding in Plymouth, MI

Mixing business with pleasure paid off for Melissa and Ivo. They were both working at a publishing company in Chicago where they would consistently run into one another in the halls. They admired each from afar until an event outside of work, where they chatted and hit it off. Soon after they became friends, a romance bloomed. The Bride Melissa Lomibao, 30, marketing The Groom Ivo Gasparotto, 30, advertising The Date June 8 A year and a half later, Ivo hid his great-grandmother’s ring in his sock drawer until he worked up the courage to propose. On Melissa’s birthday, while getting ready to head out to dinner, Ivo presented Melissa with a gift -- an Anthropologie dress she’d been eyeing. As she was trying it on, Ivo put on a Stevie Wonder record to set the mood. Melissa didn’t even notice the music at first, but then it all came together: Ivo walked over to her, got down on one knee and proposed. After a nearly two-year engagement, the couple celebrated their marriage with an all-pink, bunny-themed wedding.