Meredith & Kyle: A Pink Wedding in Dallas, TX

The summer before her senior year, Meredith Miller interned with fashion designer Carolina Herrera in New York City. Little did she know that in just three years, she’d be walking down the aisle in one of her gowns. It was that summer that Meredith met William (Kyle) Bebee at a Manhattan sports bar. They went out a few times that summer but cut things short when Meredith went back to school. A year later, though, they found themselves both living in Dallas, and, as Meredith says: “We picked up right where we had left off.” The Bride Meredith Miller, 24, corporate event planner The Groom William (Kyle) Bebee, 26, working in real estate acquisitions The Date April 22 A few years later on one Friday in October, Meredith and Kyle were reuniting for a weekend at Meredith’s family’s lake house after Kyle had spent a few days away on a business trip. When they walked out of the house into the backyard, Meredith saw what Kyle had really been working on for the past few days, with help from a close friend. More than 10,000 lights were strung from the trees, and Kyle had blown up nine photos of the couple -- from when they had first met to more recent pictures -- and placed them around the yard. The couple walked from photo to photo reminiscing, and when they reached the last one, Kyle got down on one knee and proposed. “I said yes, of course!” Meredith says.