Meredith & Thomas: A Ranch Wedding in Kerrville, TX

Meredith and Thomas, who met in college at the University of Texas at Austin, had envisioned their perfect wedding setting long before a ring was ever in the picture. But it wasn't until after two years of dating that Thomas proposed during a romantic jaunt to Mexico, when they started to turn their vision into reality. THE BRIDE Meredith Henley, 26, insurance broker THE GROOM Thomas Evans, 27, insurance broker THE DATE April 17 Leading up to the wedding, Meredith had been having nightmares of rains flooding Upper Turtle Creek on her family's ranch in Kerrville, the nuptial site -- and washing away the guests in a wall of water. Thankfully, it was just a dream. Photography: Ashley Garmon Photographers Site: The Henley Ranch Consultant: Linda Dryden Weddings and Events