Michele & Randy: A Garden Wedding in Dearborn, MI

Sometimes happily ever after takes time, and such was true for Michele Brock and Randy Sly. After meeting through a mutual friend at a coffee shop in Royal Oak, the two continuously ran into each other and eventually learned that they lived close to one another. But even though they began to go on walks and out to dinner together, neither was interested in a romantic relationship -- so much so that they even tried fixing each other up with other people! The Bride Michele Brock, 35, social worker The Groom Randy Sly, 43, musician The Date September 1 After three years, friendship finally found its way to romance during a camping trip with friends, and four years later, the two made a mutual decision to marry. The wedding, with a vibrant color palette of pinks, chartreuse, orange, purple, and red, took place just nine months later at an estate overlooking gardens, forest, and a river.