Mindy & Michael: A Modern Wedding in New York, NY

When Mindy was invited by her sister to dine at a four-star restaurant, she took her up on the offer. The potential for such a memorable dining experience alone could have coaxed me, says Mindy. As it turned out, Michael was also invited to dinner by Mindy’s sister and became a memorable part of the evening as well. After their first date, the two shared such a passionate goodnight kiss that a person passing by proclaimed, now that’s a New York-style kiss! The Bride Mindy Dubin, 36, visual effects artist The Groom Michael Anthony, 40, executive chef The Date August 18 Two years later, Michael proposed to Mindy over espresso one morning by planting the ring in the cupboard near the coffee. The two were married a year-and-a-half later in downtown Manhattan. One memorable wedding day moment was at the end of the ceremony, when they exited in a blizzard of confetti while a live band jammed to U2’s A Beautiful Day.