Modern Wedding in Atlanta, GA

Courtney was watching auditions for West Side Story at Shorter College in Rome, Georgia, when the sound of an amazing male singing voice stopped her in her tracks. “I looked up and saw Josh for the first time and that is when my pursuit began,” says Courtney. While that was the first time she laid eyes on Josh, Courtney later learned Josh already knew who she was, and he didn’t have a very high opinion of her. The Bride Courtney Foster, 24, actress The Groom Josh Donahue, 24, actor The Date January 18 “A friend of his (in high school) asked me out. Apparently I rudely turned him down, though I have absolutely no recollection of that ever happening,” says Courtney. Later, during West Side Story rehearsals in college, Josh got to know the real Courtney. It took awhile to get to their first date, but when they finally went out sparks flew. Josh proposed to Courtney three years later.