Modern Wedding in New York City, NY

Alexandra had sent Corey a message on, but she never heard back. When she saw that he checked her Friendster profile a few months later, she called him out on it. “Got a problem with tall girls?” Alex asked Corey. It turned out Corey was seeing someone when Alex first wrote, but now that he was single, they planned a date to play pool. Alex beat Corey three times, but that didn’t stop him from kissing her. The Bride Alexandra de Toth, 31, photo editor The Groom Corey Roberts, 33, artists and repertoire director The Date November 15 A month before their two-year anniversary, Corey texted Alex, who was at work, that he had dessert waiting for her. When Alex opened the refrigerator, it was empty, except for two glasses, champagne and a ring box. Corey then popped the question (with an ice-cold ring!). The couple nodded to Corey’s music-industry job at their brown, blue, and purple loft wedding.