Modern Wedding in Young Harris, GA

Katie was looking forward to a week off between her clinical rotations. Her parents invited her to Vail, Colorado, for a ski trip, and she made plans for ski lessons with her brother. She hadn’t been expecting to hit it off so well with her ski instructor, John. The two met up later for drinks, and then the next night, “we went out for coffee and star gazing,” says Katie. The Bride Katie Kolshak, 27, physical therapist The Groom John Derscheid, 27, law student The Date May 23 They met for coffee one more time before Katie left and promised to keep in touch. Soon they were dating long-distance, and a year-and-a-half later Katie eventually moved to Chicago where John was attending law school. John had an engagement ring for about a month before popping the question. He could never find the right moment until he decided to take advantage of their easy morning routine and proposed over the Sunday paper.