All-White Everything—Inside This Monochromatic Wedding at The Guild in Kansas City, Missouri

Courtney and Chance’s story is rooted in competitive spirit, as the bride and groom attended opposing high schools. Friendship deepened and took off d

Courtney and Chance’s story is rooted in competitive spirit, as the bride and groom attended opposing high schools. Friendship deepened and took off during a pivotal moment in their lives. “Right before leaving for college, we really hit it off, and the rest was history,” Courtney explains.

Years later, the picturesque Millwork district of Dubuque, a place of shared significance where they had established their first shared home, became the setting for Chance’s heartfelt proposal.

With thoughtful guidance from their planner, the pair set their day to blend the allure of vintage charm with the beauty of natural landscapes, creating an atmosphere of true love. Courtney explains, “We wanted our day to be modern, yet timeless. Our color palette consisted of all white with minimal beige and black accents.” Their monochromatic palette was a nod to their sophisticated style, with every element from Courtney’s dress to the florals and even the signage echoing a piece of their collective soul.

The journey to their wedding day was filled with thoughtful decisions, especially in the realm of decor and fashion. Courtney’s passion for DIY projects shone brightly as she crafted the decor and signage herself, turning the planning process into her favorite prelude to matrimony. Her creativity set the stage for the day’s elegance. When unexpected rain shifted their outdoor ceremony indoors, the couple embraced the change gracefully, finding beauty in the impromptu setting beneath a stunning crystal chandelier. This adaptability was a testament to their resilience, the depth of their love and willingness to shine through any storm.

Fashion choices for the day were made with an eye for timeless elegance, mirroring the couple’s modern, organic style. Courtney described her dress as “a very minimal, fitted silhouette with a square neckline,” a perfect representation of her personal style. Chance and his groomsmen’s attire complemented this aesthetic flawlessly, with beige and black suits that matched the day’s color scheme, their footwear tying the entire look together with impeccable taste.

As guests gathered, the indoor ceremony space, transformed on the fly because of the weather, became a cozy enclave of love and anticipation. Meanwhile, another quick mishap — a groomsman’s accidental purchase of the incorrect shoe color — was being cheerfully remedied via spray paint. Their last-minute location switch, rather than a setback, added a layer of intimacy to the occasion and made the vows exchanged between Courtney and Chance all the more poignant. “Our vows... were the most special and memorable part of our day,” the bride shares.

The celebration then flowed into a cocktail hour and reception, where guests were treated to the stunning visual tapestry of the wedding. From the Sarah Seven gowns to the exquisite blooms by Indigo Rose Floral Design, every detail was a testament to the couple’s vision. The handcrafted signage and stationery by Courtney herself added a personal touch that guests admired, each piece telling a story of love and meticulous planning.

Yet, it was the unscripted moments that stood out—the laughter shared under the rain’s gentle patter, the spontaneous adjustments and the easygoing joy that Courtney and Chance exuded. These instances underscored the day’s beauty, transforming it into a truly magical experience. The rain, rather than an intruder, became a collaborator in their story, adding depth and authenticity to the celebration.

As the night drew to a close, the couple’s journey from planning to execution was a narrative of love’s resilience and the beauty of embracing the unexpected. Their advice to other couples planning their day resonated with wisdom and warmth: “Things will happen that won’t go as planned... but it’s important to trust your vendors and bring yourself back down to earth.” They remind everyone that, at the end of the day, “as much time and money as you put into this day, the only thing that matters is that you are marrying your soulmate. Everyone’s together on that day for one reason and one reason only: you two - that’s all that matters.”

Bride With Natural Down Hairstyle, All-White Cascading Bouquet and Groom in Ivory Suit
Classic and Elegant Neutral Wedding Invitation Suite, Minimalistic
Bride in Fitted Dress, Natural Makeup and Down Hairstyle on Hotel Bed
A bride in a modern gown with deep-v side panels holding an all-white bouquet of calla lilies, roses and more, some cascading down.
Bride in Modern Dress, Deep-V Side Panels Back-to-Back With Groom, First Look
Bride Reading Private Vows Letter to Groom, Back-to-Back First Look
A bride in a fitted, modern gown and a cascading bouquet of all-white flowers standing on the steps of her venue with her bridesmaids in all-white gowns with white bouquets before her elegant, monochromatic wedding.
Garden Ceremony, Ghost Chairs Facing Platform Altar With Winding Vines, String Lights
Neutral-Toned Floral Arrangement With Cascading and Dry Elements, Roses
Groom Dipping Bride at Indoor Altar Against Brick Wall, Low Arrangements, First Kiss
Groom Leading Bride in Mid-Length Veil, Low Heels and White Bouquet Up Stairs
Bride With Cascading Bouquet Walking With Bridesmaids in White, Low Heels
Linen Welcome Sign to Elegant Modern Wedding Reception, Neutal Arrangement
Minimalistic Fabric Seating Chart at Modern Wedding in White
Round Dining Table, Minimalistic All-White Decor With Black Flatware, Low Centerpieces
Broken Stone Signage, Guest Book Table With Photos
Polaroid Cameras and Photos on Table Of Friends and Family
In Memory Table With Photos of Loved Ones, Broken Stone Signage
Macaron Tiered Display With Other Sweets on Dessert Table
Bride in Gown With Deep-V Side Panels and Groom in Light Suit Toast, Reception
A black-and-white photo of the cocktail hour bar, featuring dim candles and a broken stone sign featuring "His" and Hers" signature drinks at a modern and elegant loft wedding.
Two-Tier White Wedding Cake With White Flowers, Low Arrangement
Groom on Couch With Bride in Fitted Gown Laying on Lap, After Party