Elegant Alfresco Reception with Blue, White and Green Tablescapes

Nautical Candy Bar with Starfish and Netting

Simple Table Setting With Olive Sprigs

Beach Reception Setup with King Louis XVI Chairs

Late-Night Food Truck at Reception

Mountain Wedding Reception Dessert

Natural Bouquet Filled With Greenery

Local Cheese Bite Appetizer

Pine Tree Accents in Natural Chalet Reception

Elegant Dining Table with White Taper Candles

White and Citrus Centerpiece With Chrysanthemums

Rustic, Elegant Outdoor Reception, Food

Waterfront Beach Clear Reception Tent

Delicious Salad Starter

Farm to Table Reception Dinner

Delcious Cheese and Blueberry Plate

Wood Dining Tables With Cross-Back Chairs

Crudités at Cocktail Hour

Mini Ice-Pop Cocktail Hour Appetizers

Bridesmaid Dressing Gowns

Mountain Wedding Reception Dessert

Southern Catering in Fort Worth, Texas

Bride in an Embellished Ball Gown With a Jewel-Toned Bouquet