Couple in the Lake of Camp Sacajewea in Farmingdale, New Jersey

Couple in Canoe After Eloping

Romantic Moment on Rustic Classic Truck

Natural Bouquet Filled With Greenery

Bride in an Embellished Ball Gown With a Jewel-Toned Bouquet

Vintage Chevrolet Pickup Truck Exit Car

Newlyweds Exiting Ceremony on Vintage Boat

Hose-Drawn Carriage at Neverland Farms

Bayou Boat Ceremony Entrance

Vintage Pickup Truck Entrance and Exit Car

Bride and Groom in Canoe on Lake Ensign

Bridesmaid Dressing Gowns

Black Vintage Car Reception Entrance

Castle Mountain Tractor Recessional

Classic Black Recessional Just Married Car

Yacht Recessional from Lake Tahoe Ceremony