One Couple's Purple-and-Mauve Wedding at Chabad of Parkland in Florida

It was essential to Faith Niece and Ben Goldberg that their wedding at Chabad of Parkland in Florida both honor their Orthodox Jewish faith without sa

It was essential to Faith Niece and Ben Goldberg that their wedding at Chabad of Parkland in Florida both honor their Orthodox Jewish faith without sacrificing style. "We wanted a romantic and moody winter wedding with large floral, velvet and gold accents. We had to balance finding a large enough venue for our guest list and access to Kosher catering while staying within budget without sacrificing style. After a lot of searching, our venue met all those requirements. The space was newly constructed and we were lucky enough to be the first wedding held there. Our color pallet was burgundy, mauve and gold," shares Faith. "The entire day was centered around our Culture and connection to spirituality, which made for a beautiful and joyful event."

The couple's celebration began with their Orthodox Jewish wedding ceremony, "which included an outdoor chuppah. In addition, we had the traditional Tish and Bedeken prior to the Chuppah, where the Groom and Bride are separate until he Veils her face. The bride's face stays Veiled until the final part of the ceremony when we break the glass," says Faith of the couple's traditional wedding ceremony.  "Our wedding monogram was custom made using cursive Hebrew initials and was on the Kippas (Caps for the men) as well as our seating labels and prayer books. The cup used in our ceremony is the same silver cup we now use every Friday evening to make Kiddush, and the glass that was broken at the end of our ceremony was made into a Mezuzah for our home. " 

Selecting attire appropriate for their wedding was important to Faith and Ben as they were planning their Florida wedding. "I needed a gown that was modest but still fit the occasion. I love the way the lace dress matched the romance of our design. Due to having a religious ceremony I had a ballgown designed to match my dress and my designer who I found on Etsy (Olivia Bodega), altered the top to be full coverage. I wore the ball gown of the Chuppah (Ceremony) and Mitzvah Dance (A dance at the end of the evening with male members of the family). My bridesmaids were dressed in velvet, wearing colors of their choosing. The groom wore a custom suit. For the Chuppah (ceremony) he wore a down hat in the same blue as his suit. He was also covered in the Kittle (A Jewish tradition) and wore an esteemed Bobov Rabbi's Gartle (belt), as a way to honor the holiness of the ceremony," says Faith. 

Looking back on her wedding in Parkland, Florida, Faith has this advice to share with currently engaged couples: "Hire trusted vendors! What made our day so easy was that we had amazing professionals to help us achieve our day, and feel relaxed enough to enjoy it! Also, focus on why. A wedding is about joining lives with the other half of your soul. Any stress we had melted away when we remembered why we were getting married. Lastly, have fun!" 

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