Orange and Green Outdoor Wedding in Manhattan Beach, California

While out one night with friends, Ann-Marie spied a cute guy. After a few drinks, one of Ann-Marie’s friends shared some good news: John, the cute guy, had spied Ann-Marie too! They danced, exchanged numbers and planned a first date. After six-and-a-half years together, Ann-Marie thought she and John could be like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell -- a couple forever without getting married. But John had a different idea: He planned to propose while the couple vacationed in Hawaii. The Bride Ann-Marie Sexton, 39, retail sales manager The Groom John Shaler, 44, marketing manager The Date September 12 During a shoreline walk before dinner, he asked Ann-Marie to sit down so they could watch the sun set. That’s when John pulled out a ring -- taking Ann-Marie completely off guard. They spent a year planning their wedding based on Ann-Marie’s favorite colors: lime green and orange.