Outdoor Wedding in Akron, OH

Back in 2003, Jennifer and Robert met online. “Internet dating wasn’t nearly as popular back then as it is now, so we like to think of ourselves as real pioneers,” says Jennifer. Five years after their first meeting, the couple were in their California home packing for a kayaking trip they were leaving for the next day. The Bride Jennifer Stripe, 37, higher-education consultant The Groom Robert Portillo, 40, computer consultant The Date May 30 Robert asked Jennifer if she wanted to get out of the house to take a walk on the beach. When they got there, Jennifer was so enamored by the beach that she didn’t even notice Robert disappear from her side to kneel down in the sand. When she looked over and realized what was happening, he proposed. Soon, the two were making plans for a spring wedding in Akron decorated with paper cranes in a pretty orange-and-plum color scheme.