Outdoor Wedding in Chevy Chase, MD

Cory was smitten the first time he laid eyes on the beautiful red-faced girl in the cafeteria at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Nathalie was a hard laugher and her face was so red because the table had challenged her not to laugh the entire meal. “It didn’t look like she was doing too well, and it was adorable,” says Cory. The Bride Nathalie Wilson, 24, graphic designer The Groom Cory Cone, 24, database administrator The Date April 26 One night, Nathalie stayed late in Cory’s dorm room listening to music. He told her she could stay, rather than walking back in the dark. Out of respect, he slept opposite of Nathalie so their feet were at each other’s heads. He went to class the next morning and when he returned he learned that Nathalie had left secret notes all over his room, confirming that she felt the same way he did. They had dated for almost four years when Cory pulled out a ring during a romantic dinner. “I could not stop giggling and smiling,” says Nathalie.