Outdoor Wedding in Chicago, IL

Rebecca and Matthew met at their first job out of college. To avoid hitting traffic after work, they’d hang out together -- first drinks, then dinner, then movies and even a Valentine’s Day meetup -- all as friends, until one day Matt worked up the courage to kiss Becky. They spent the next seven years traveling and building a life together. The Bride Rebecca Setzman, 31, environmental director The Groom Matthew Becker, 31, environmental engineer The Date June 20 Matt had his proposal planned for the night before the Fourth of July, during the annual Chicago fireworks show. When he scoped out the roof of their apartment building, he saw some neighbors already up there. Even though his plan was completely secret up until then, he had to tell the group so they’d clear out. With everything back on track, he stored the ring in his back pocket. Matt kept feeling for it because he was nervous it would fall out. Becky actually asked him if he had an itchy butt! In truth, he was only itching to propose, and when he did, Becky said yes.