Outdoor Wedding in Palmetto, GA

Lauren wasn’t sure what to think when the mother of a former student suggested Lauren go out with the man renting an apartment from her. She described Dylan as wonderful and really thought he and Lauren would hit it off. She decided to give it a shot, and after two dates, the couple really connected. The Bride Lauren Weitman, 33, elementary school teacher The Groom Dylan Jonker, 29, computer engineer The Date June 28 Lauren and Dylan had been dating for a year when they started to talk marriage. They even discussed Lauren’s favorite antique-style of ring, just like her grandmother’s. After shopping around for the same style, Dylan decided to take Lauren’s grandmother’s ring to a jeweler and have it replicated. “I had no idea and he surprised me one night while I was sitting on the couch reading a magazine,” says Lauren. After Dylan popped the question, Lauren yelled, “Yes, yes!” and the two began planning their nature-inspired, outdoor wedding.