Passed Appetizers

Ceviche and Tacos Passed Hors d'Oeuvres

Bride Holding Charcuterie Cup During Wedding at Cypress House in New Columbia, Pennsylvania

Passed Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Appetizer

Scones, Biscuits and Passed Brunch Appetizers

Proscuitto-Wrapped Apple Passed Appetizers on Wood Platter

Catered Sweet Potato Ham Biscuits

Roaming Cocktail Hour Oyster Shucker

Star Trek–Themed Appetizers

German Pretzel Station for Wedding at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe in California

Fried Chicken Appetizers at Wedding in Australia

Passed Brick Oven Pizza

Casual Passed Appetizers

Tart Passed Bites

Steak and Fries Bites Served on Individual Square Platforms

Bruschetta Passed Appetizers with Fresh Tomatoes

Soup Shooters with Grilled Cheese Bites

Passed Appetizers on Wood Serving Board

Passed Appetizers on Glass Trays

Oyster Shuckers at Cocktail Hour

Mini Takeout Boxes with Dumplings

Passed Grilled Cheese Squares

Mini Key Lime Pie Dessert Shooters

Late-Night Mac and Cheese Lollipops