Pastel Blue and Purple Set an Enchanting Tone at This Wedding at Cactus Moon Lodge in Dripping Springs, Texas

The unlikely beginning of Mikaela Volpicelli and Britton Gammons’ love story unfolded in the heart of San Diego. Mikaela recalls, “He was my neighbor.

The unlikely beginning of Mikaela Volpicelli and Britton Gammons’ love story unfolded in the heart of San Diego. Mikaela recalls, “He was my neighbor. I essentially got hollered one day off his balcony, and the rest was history.” This serendipitous moment marked the start of an undeniable connection: they were instantly inseparable. Within months, they found themselves moving in together and welcoming a puppy into their burgeoning family. Mikaela had always joked that her “ONE request for a proposal was always ‘make sure I look good and make sure my nails are done.’” Yet, on the day Britton chose to propose, neither wish was granted. Instead, what unfolded was an adventure on a random Wednesday afternoon, a hike that would lead them to an unforgettable moment. Unbeknownst to Mikaela, Britton had orchestrated a grand plan involving a steep hike in Eugene, Oregon, complete with a hidden photographer, a bracelet engraved with their significant date and a setting adorned with rose petals, a blanket and flowers from his grandmother’s garden—all culminating in a proposal amidst the natural beauty of the mountaintop.

Clad in no makeup, a baggy t-shirt and leggings covered in their dog Sunni’s hair, Mikaela stood, nails painted in a kaleidoscope of colors from her niece’s first birthday party. The setting and the moment were far from the polished scenes often imagined for proposals, but for Mikaela, it was perfect in its authenticity. “It was still so special and genuine, I truly wouldn’t have changed a thing,” she details, touched by the lengths to which Britton went to surprise her. Overwhelmed with emotion and caught off guard by the proposal, she realized, “I was SO surprised, so to that regard, he nailed it.”

As they began planning their special day, Mikaela mused, “We wanted a uniquely intimate venue that could host our wedding party for the weekend and be the perfect backdrop to the Texas Hill Country.” Their vision was clear: to marry the rustic charm of the state with the vibrant hues of their beloved springtime—a bold juxtaposition against the amber tones of the October setting. Their plan was to create an experience that was both visually stunning and deeply personal, setting the stage for a celebration that would reflect their journey together.

Outfit choices for the day were as deliberate as their venue selection, with each outfit telling a part of their love story. Britton, ever the embodiment of timeless elegance, “wanted a timeless, classic look with a black tux,” mirroring the grace with which he navigated his life alongside Mikaela. The bride, in contrast, envisioned herself in “a modern, romantic gown.” Her dress represented new beginnings, adorned with floral and lace detailing that whispered tales of spring amidst the fall.

As the day dawned, guests gathered on the balcony overlooking the rolling hills and verdant trees surrounding the venue. The arch was bursting forth with lavenders, blushes, yellows and magentas bathed in the golden light of the setting sun. As Mikaela walked down the aisle, the world seemed to stand still. “Our heartfelt ceremony was officiated by our very best friend Lauren Moreland (aka ‘Lomo’),” the bride reflects.

The cocktail hour that followed was a tribute to their shared adventures, with every detail, from the psychedelic mushroom-themed “I Love You So Mush” seating chart to the vintage baby blue telephone used as an audio guestbook, a nod to their unique narrative. Guests marveled at the creativity, immersed in an atmosphere that was quintessentially Mikaela and Britton. As the evening air filled with the sounds of merriment, it was clear that this was no ordinary celebration.

The reception unfolded under the stars, where the night was lit by the twinkling lights strung above. The first dance saw Mikaela in “a silk mini dress with feather trim from Untamed Petals,” a surprise that left guests in awe. As they danced, it was as if the world faded away. As the night gave way to a silent disco afterparty, the air buzzed with energy. Britton, taking on the role of DJ, filled the space with house music. Guests adorned in neon cowboy hats danced the night away, making those memories that the newlyweds sought to design with their nuptials.

Reflecting on their wedding, the new Mr. and Mrs. offer a piece of wisdom to those embarking on their own wedding planning adventures: “Hire a wedding planner you love and trust!” Their words are a reminder of the peace and joy that comes from knowing you’re in capable hands. They add: “We had planned to say our personal vows during the first look, but due to time constraints pre-ceremony, we decided to exchange them after the ceremony with just our photographer.” This was a decision that, in retrospect, added an intimate layer to their celebration, allowing them to savor the moment fully.

Groom in Tuxedo and Bride Holding Pastel and Bright Bouquet With Dog
Retro, 1970s-Inspired Wedding Invitation Suite in Blue, Peach and Pink
Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring and Studded Diamond Wedding Band in Gold Velvet Box
Bride With Long Veil Doing First Look With Bridesmaids in Different Pink, Lavender Dresses
Groom's Vow Book, Wedding Band, Cufflinks, Bow Toe, Handkerchief and Shoes
Groom in Deep Black Tuxedo With Bright Blush and Yellow Boutonniere
Bridesmaid in Lavender Holding Bright and Pastel Bouquet of Lavender, Peach and Pink
Bridesmaid in Purple, Bride With Pastel Bouquet and Flower Girl With Yellow Rain Boots
A bride in a fitted gown and a bright and pastel bouquet walking with her bridesmaids in different pastel gowns in shades of lavender, blush and purple with flowers of complementing shades.
Bride Reading Her Vows in Vow Booklet
Black-and-White Photo of Bride and Groom Reading Personal Letters Before Ceremony
Bride Holding Large Bright and Pastel Bouquet of Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Yellow and Lavender
Balcony Ceremony With Low Altar Arch of Lavender, Red, Blush and Yellow Flowers
Blush, Lavender and Pale Yellow Flower Arrangements at Ceremony Altar
Balcony Ceremony Poolside, Bridesmaids in Pastel Dresses Under String Lights
Bride and Groom Kissing Followed By Wedding Party in Pastels and Tuxedos
Retro-Inspired Pastel Paper Mushroom Escort Card Display
Lavender Western-Inspired Welcome Sign
Outdoor Reception Space, Checkered Dance Floor, Lots of Greenery
Bride in Fitted Gown and Groom in Black Tuxedo With Dog on Pink Leash
Long and Round Tables in Courtyard, Checkered Dance Floor Under Olive Trees
Pink Bohemian Bar Menu With Two Kinds of Signature Drinks
Bride in Fitted Sheath Dress and Groom in Classic Tuxedo Sipping Signature Cocktails
Custom Menu With Pastel Colors, Mushroom Details, Stir Stick and Name Cards
Long Table With Low Pastel Floral Centerpieces in Lavender, Blush and Yellow
Low Pastel Arrangement of Blush, Pale Yellow, Purple and Lavender and Candles
Place Setting With Patterned Linen Napkin, Custom Menu, Low Pastel Arrangement
Retro-Inspired Pink VW Bug Photo Booth With Couch
Long Table With Low Pastel Centerpieces and Patterned Linen Napkins, Colorful Candles
Round Dining Table With Blue Chargers, Pastel Centerpiece and Patterned Details
Outdoor Reception With Olive Trees, String Lights With Rustic Style
Blue Vintage, Retro-Inspired Phone Guest Book With Sign
Action Shot At Night Under String Lights, Long Reception Table Outdoors
Groom Hopping Over Bride in Mini Dress During Funny Reception Dance
A single-tier, multi-colored, retro-inspired and "fuzzy" wedding cake featuring blue, orange, brown and pink colors on a dessert table with pastel flowers and low candles at a vintage-themed wedding.
Bride and Groom Making Silly Faces Next to Single-Tier Colorful Cake
Bride Getting Face Paint and Sparking Drawn on Her Face
Bridesmaids With Face Glitter and Cowboy Hat Dancing
A bride in a mini dress with feather ruffles at the bottom and glitter on the side of her face dances at her retro-inspired wedding reception with headphones on during a silent disco portion of the celebration with her bridesmaids in pastel-colored bridesmaid dresses.