Pastels Abound at This Celestial-Inspired Wedding at Newcastle Golf Club in Seattle, Washington

After meeting through a mutual friend during their university days, Haoyan and Yilan struck up a relationship that would end up being lifelong. When i

After meeting through a mutual friend during their university days, Haoyan and Yilan struck up a relationship that would end up being lifelong. When it came time to plan their nuptials, the bride and groom offered a shared passion for the wedding aesthetic. "We both majored in Physics, so we picked a celestial theme; the vast expanse of the starry sky resonates with both our rational inclinations and romantic sensibilities," Yilan shares.

A flurry of creativity and DIY passion marked their wedding planning adventure. They poured their hearts into crafting personalized decorations, from a heartfelt welcome sign to custom coasters, cookies and favors that celebrated their cherished cat and dog. The planning journey also led the couple to a wedding gown boutique, where Yilan meticulously tried on various dresses, and the pair picked out another homage to their furry friends. "We incorporated a unique touch by attaching brooches of our beloved pets onto our attire," explains the bride. "This allowed them to be present as witnesses to our wedding ceremony."

As the wedding day dawned, the anticipation among the guests was palpable. The ceremony was imbued with profound significance, as the friends who had brought Haoyan and Yilan together officiated the union. "This choice created a sense of closure, completing the circle of our journey together. And we really enjoyed the ceremony; it was perfect," the bride gushes. An arch filled with pastel hues of blush, lavender, blue and coral blooms stood at the end of the alfresco aisle against a backdrop of forest and lake. Yilan donned a long chain of pearls as a hair accessory tied around her updo. Her bridesmaids carried a gold loop of coral-and-pink flowers that featured a suspended moon and other geometric additions.

The celestial decor continued to captivate during the cocktail hour, providing a dreamy backdrop for heartfelt conversations and laughter. The reception that followed was a night of joy, where the exquisite floral arrangements, as the bride had envisioned, perfectly embodied the romantic, cosmic theme. Tables sported delicately toned centerpieces, both low and high. Menus were custom-made to fit the motif and coordinated with geode-inspired escort cards. But, what truly left their guests in awe were the levitating lunar lamps adorning the dining tables acting as table numbers -- a unique, DIY touch that added a touch of magic to the atmosphere.

The newlyweds' three-tier cake was entirely unique, featuring lavender and blue colors complemented by a cascading "ribbon" and artificially created "cracks" throughout. The dessert displayed an aluminum topper and similar details interwoven with the ribbon that danced down the side.

As the night came to a close, Haoyan and Yilan reflected upon their stunning and intimate wedding day with love. Though the end result was nothing short of spectacular, the new Mr. and Mrs. share some cautionary advice for future brides and grooms about the length of engagement and planning. "We rushed our wedding in about six months. It was intense," explains Yilan. "I would suggest planning things ahead and always having a plan B."

Groom and Bride With Flowing Veil At Golden Hour With Ambient Lighting
Translucent, Modern Wedding Invitation for Celestial Wedding, Golden Stars and Moon, Shimmer
Bride With Low Bun Updo and Long String of Pearls Tied Into Hair, Unique Accessory
Bride in Tulle-and-Lace A-Line Gown, Pastel Bouquet, Fluffing Out Long Veil
Bridesmaids in pale blue gowns carrying unique bouquet alternatives: golden hoops with geometric shapes including diamonds and moon shapes with hanging gems, blush ribbons and a light amount of small flowers in neutral and pastel colors for a celestial-themed wedding.
A bride with peach-and-blush makeup and an updo wearing a lace-and-tulle wedding dress and a long veil holding a colorful pastel bouquet of blush, coral, pale blue, lavender and white flowers at a celestial-themed wedding.
Groom in Dark Blue Suit, Boutonniere With Blue, Ribbon, Animations of Couple's Cats
Reflective Welcome Sign to Starry Night Wedding, Multi-Lingual, Pastel Flowers
Bridesmaid Holding Golden Hoop, Light Flower Arrangements, Moon and Stars, Geometric Shapes
Stunning Colorful Wedding Ceremony Arch With Pastel Blue, Lavender, Blush, Coral Flowers
White Ceremony Chairs, Pastel Aisle Decor on Stone Balcony Overlooking Valley
Bride in Lace-and-Tulle Gown Reading Ceremony Vows, Bridesmaid in Blue
Pastel Floral Aisle Decor, Lavender, Pink, Blush, White and Coral With Greenery
Gold Moon Base and LEGO Starry Night Depiction, Homemade Cookies in Pastel Colors
Reception Table With Pale Blue Purse Accessory, Geode Name Card, Low Centerpiece in Pastels
Floating DIY Moon Lantern As Table Number, Unique for Celestial Reception Theme
Pastel Place Setting, Custom Menu and Geode Name Card, Low Centerpiece
A unique, celestial-themed, three-tier wedding cake in lavender with faux cracks, like a geode cake, and a long structured white ribbon flowing down the side of the dessert, accented with aluminum shapes for a celestial-themed wedding.
Homemade Cookies With Couple's Cats in Pastels, Lavender and Pale Blue Desserts
Dining Table With White Linen, Blush Napkins, Geode Name Card, Low Pastel Centerpiece
Long Reception Table, White Linen, Tall and Low Centerpieces in Pastel Colors
Linen Pale Blue Purse on Dining Table With Dog and Cat Pet Stir Sticks, Geode Name Card
Signature Cocktail Menu With Couple's Dog and Cat Pets Themed Drinks
Groom in Classic Suit Twirling Bride in Tulle Gown, Long Veil on Mountaintop at Golden Hour