Personal Photo Wall With Heirlooms

"I wanted to tell a story about our lives and families at the wedding. We took the time to collect pictures and memories from our past that gave a little insight to our lives from the beginning," David says. "We wanted each guest to feel like they knew us and were a part of our family. The rocking horse I used to ride as a child was a part of the design. I also incorporated one of my most prized possessions: the ladder my nanny used to get out each holiday and teach me how to bring a festive feel to her home."


Wildflower Floral Arrangements in Vintage Cast-Iron Urns

Succulent Pocket Squares With Vintage Clock Gears

Matching Midnight Navy Tuxedos

Chante and Crystal's Rustic Georgia Wedding

Complementary Same-Sex Bridal Bouquets

Anthropologie Navy Blue Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Bright Red Rose and Calla Lily Bouquets

Cushion-Cut Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Wedding at Peninsula Room

Casual, Modern Wedding at Bowling Alley

All-Black and Navy Wedding Party

Ivory Fabric Flower Headband

White Flower Girl Dress With Matching Ivory Sash

Floral Reception Centerpiece in Vintage Caged Vase

Corinne and Whitney’s Bridesmaids in Navy Dresse

Pink, Purple and Blue Garden Bridesmaid Bouquets

Handfasting Ceremony with Beads

Modern Centerpiece With Hydrangeas and Astilbes

Brides Dancing in Converses Under String Lights

Custom Cathedral-Length Mantilla Veil

Vintage-Inspired White and Neutral Wedding Shoes

Colorful Floral Centerpieces with Vintage Oil Lamp